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Certified Usui Reiki Master Home Study Course

Welcome to the Reiki store and our best selling certified Usui Reiki master home study course

This course gives you a clear path of learning all three levels of Reiki with individual video lessons that build your knowledge understanding and confidence.

This course is presented to you by Trevor Shaw Reiki master teacher in Usui Reiki and Reiki master teacher in Karuna Reiki.

This course also provides you with the distant attunement’s you will need to successfully practice the techniques you will learn in this course.

You will also receive?

Three Usui Reiki certificates.

Three Reiki manuals.

Reiki music.

And much,much more.

Take a look at what you will be learning By clicking one of the links below.

Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Three

Are you a Reiki master wanting to start your own business but don’t have the know how to produce your own Reiki manuals, or where to start, or how to teach students.

Or maybe you want to have your own online Reiki course or membership site, then this maybe just what you are looking for? (The Reiki Master Tool Kit)

Just Click The Link To See What You Get

Reiki Level One Reiki Level Two Reiki Level Three Reiki Tool Kit Usui Reiki One Manual Usui Reiki Two Manual Usui Reiki Three Manual

Are you a Reiki practitioner who needs an in-depth full colour Reiki manual or maybe you are a Reiki master who needs manuals for your students after they have been attuned.

(Then we have just what you need.)

Three full colour manuals covering Reiki one Reiki two and Reiki three.

There is also a choice of format options to choose from? PDF format for those people that just want the manuals to read or print out or we have them in a Microsoft word format with full master reseller rights for those who want to format them to save and make them their own.

Just click on the manual you want for more information.