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Before you begin a Reiki healing full body treatment on another person there are a few important points to remember.

 Never give a Reiki healing treatment to a person who has a pacemaker as Reiki can alter its rhythm.

 Never give a Reiki healing treatment to a person who suffers from Diabetes Mellitus and are taking insulin injections, unless they are prepared to check their insulin levels every day as Reiki healing reduces the amount of insulin they require.

Always explain to a person who is visiting you for the first time for a Reiki healing treatment exactly what you are going to do and the type of reactions that might occur. Stress that any one of these reactions are normal. They may experience one or two of these reactions, all of them or none of them. It makes no difference. Reiki healing will go wherever it is needed.

Often the client will experience extreme cold at the position of your hands while you feel intense heat.

If the client experiences nothing explain to them that the Reiki healing energy often works on a subtle level yet has profound results which normally become apparent in the following days or weeks.

Never forget the client is drawing Reiki healing through you. They are doing the healing on a subconscious level. You are only the channel.

Reiki healing always travels to the place it is needed most.

No knowledge of the human anatomy or physiology is required to work with Reiki. Leave your ego aside and Reiki healing will do the work.

Forget the symptoms treat the whole person.

Listen to your clients’ body through your hands. Sense the different types of energy. If the energy is strong keep your hands in that position until your sense a shift in the energy level. Use your intuition.

Look for non-verbal communication from your clients’ body. Deep sighs or hand and leg movements are good indicators that something positive is taking place.

The normal time required for a full body treatment is between sixty to ninety minutes.

At the end of a treatment always offer your client a glass of cold water to aid grounding. Always wash your hands under cold running water after each treatment.

Beginning The Treatment

Ensure your client is lying flat on the therapy table with their arms down by their sides. Their legs should also be flat against the table and must not be crossed as this may block the flow of Reiki.

Gently lay your hands on your clients’ body. Keep them in each position for between three to five minutes. As you become more experienced use your intuition.

Your hands should be cupped with your fingers firmly closed as though you were trying to hold water. This keeps the channel strong between your client and the universal life force. If your fingers are open Reiki can escape just as water would slip through your open fingers.


In the case of burnt skin or a clients’ genitals and breasts hold your hands just above their body  

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